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Posted by carinasong1990 on May 15, 2014 at 6:55 PM

Recently there are many amazing films on air, the amazing Spiderman and the transcendence are the two movies that amazed me in terms of their interpretation of what will take clout in the future.

In transcendent, human can upload his conscious in the form of electrical wave to the satellite and when the man dies he is not actually dead but transformed in the electric pulse that can transport everywhere he wants wherever there is electrics and internet.

In the amazing Spiderman, the scene when the electric man ( the blue man) sucks all the electricity in NYC and the city suddenly turns out to be a dead city without electric shocks me.

The formal reveals what Mc Luhan argues in the past 5 decades that human has extended themselves extensively to infinite space through electrics and nerve systems. And the second movie just reminds us how heavily we are relying on electrics right now: computers, machines. Yes, we are stepping from the mechanical age to an electric age.


This suddenly reminds me of a lyric in the ‘young and beautiful’: your electric sound. I wasn’t quite sure of what it meant but now it does ring a bell.



What is the content of electric age? I presume is information. Human nerve is kind of a system that can be refer to the information network. It extends through internet and all sort of daily communication methods. Information flows through this network. See,I do assume what matters in this century is information.


The ability to collect information and filter the huge amount of excessive information in order to get what’s really useful is the true point to make a success in this electrical age.


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