Born and raised for 17 years in a city that's located in the middle part of mainland China and having a three generation family of which almost every member migrates from a different part of the country to her hometown, and later mobile from East Asia to Melbourne, Berkeley and later on La, Di sees herself a 'migrated' person that's experiencing identity issues.

She moved to Guangzhou when she was 17 where she obtained her first higher education in landscape architecture. While a strong desire for looking outwards and an eager attempt to develop her interest in architecture leads her to one of the cities that carry the most clout in fashion and design industry - Melbourne, Australia, where she received BENVS major in architecture in the University of Melbourne. During which period, she was honored to have the opportunity to be funded as an exchange student to the the University of California, Berkeley. Really, she was lucky enough to see the diversity , influenced by many of the brilliant ideas of her fellows around the world, and really see the opportunities that mixture could bring about. 

Di is now pursuing her March 1 degree in UCLA, yet her focus is not limited to only architecture.  She is taking her role to look at architecture's discourse to a broader realm that incorporates fields of graphic design, fashion, interior and even urban humanities issues,hoping architecture could really be understood as a form of social condition that's set in the context of current social,economic and political backdrops.


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